Neda Tahniat’s philosophy is based on dedication to the beauty of a pure heart and mind.

In its time Persia was one of the greatest nations in the world. It was an abundant empire, rich with architecture, craftsmanship and art. The Persians were a strong and peaceful people that were part of shaping an epoch of human civilization.

In her pieces you will often find the symbol of Farvahar: The winged man. He is unifying icon from Persian belief. The old man symbolizes wisdom. He points forward with one hand, guiding towards the good life and leaving the bad behind. In his other hand he is holding a ring which represents faithfulness and unbreakable loyalty. The center ring stands for both the eternity of the universe and the eternal nature of our soul. Finally, his three-fold wings are a reminder of three simple guidelines for the Persians’ idea about life: “Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds”; A pure and simple mindset for the true Persian.

It is a crafted memory of a great people’s strives towards the good life. Carrying the symbol and keeping the Persian saying in mind is a reminder that we should believe in what is good. A reminder that we all should think good thoughts, say good words and do good deeds.

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