For Neda Tahniat heritage is everything. Born in Iran, raised in Denmark and lived her creative dreams in Paris, her cultural journey is what shapes her, both as a person and as a designer.

Neda aims at creating pieces that stand the test of time. Her work is crafted in the intersection of her Persian heritage with Nordic design aesthetics and Parisian sophistication. Her approach is drawing on the rich culture of Ancient Persia and combining it with the raw Nordic focus on solid design and uncompromising quality.

The result is an authentic series of jewellery, fuelled equally by passion and craftsmanship. A personal journey, shared with the world.

“I want to tell my story through my brand. Everything I create is very personal which is also why my brand carries my name. I don’t want to compromise on what I believe in creating nor my core values. That is what I want to express through my designs.”


– Neda Tahniat


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