Farvahar Heart Necklace

Farvahar Heart Necklace


The Farvahar collection with the winged man is the unifying icon from Persian belief. The old man symbolizes wisdom. He points forward with one hand, guiding towards a good future life and leaving all bad behind. In his other hand he is holding a ring that represents faithfulness and unbreakable loyalty.
The centre ring stands for both the eternity of the universe and the eternal nature of our soul. Finally, his three-folded wings are a reminder of three simple guidelines for the Persians’ idea about life: “Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds”, a pure and simple mindset guiding us to be kind, humble and positive.
Individually handcrafted by one of the best jewellers in Florence, Italy.
18ct. Gold or Ruthenium Plated Silver (Pure 18ct. gold upon request)
Full length 85 cm
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